RTA Manufacturing Engineering 
Manufacturing Engineering

Mfg Engineering for Injection molding:

Part design for injection molding of thermoplastic materials: RTA utilizes Moldflow and Solidworks Plastics to optimize part and mold designs prior to manufacturing to fill your part to achieve the optimum part/mold design performance to meet drawing specifications with minimal tool grooming. Cooling and warp studies ensure the molded part will conform to drawings specifications.​
Mfg Engineering for Precision Machining:RTA works with suppliers in the precision molding and precision machining industries to implement specialized tooling solutions to exceed their customers expectations. Everything from basic tool design to proprietary tooling and inspection solutions. Some examples are special coolant nozzles that are geometry and process specific to deliver coolant right where it is needed to achieve high material removal rates without sacrificing metallurgical properties and also special tooling for turbine airfoils for automated superfinishing to less than 10Ra surface texture.
Gear and involute spline design:

RTA has extensive experience with all types of gear design including planetary, spur, helical, bevel, curvic ooupling and involute spline in both metal and plastic.

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Injection molding, MIM, Powdered metal (PM), CNC milling/turning/grinding, stamping, screw machine, finishing (shot peen, tumbling, superfinish). manufacturing engineering consulting engineers tool design